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I’m not JUST about healthy food and fitness…

So, I’ve decided to add a little bit of content to my blog for you guys:  General wellness and taking care of yourself.  I know a lot of my topics focus on clean eating, and exercising (maybe I haven’t hit on that near as much as I should be), but there are other ways that we can take care of ourselves and not go completely broke!  So, I was in the shower today thinking about my daily “routine” and thought… “I wonder if other people have a routine they follow?” I’m not the overly vain type of person, but I can’t stand it when I have dry skin and acne I’m 31 years old for crying out loud, and sometimes I look like I’m still in middle school with the splotches that land across my forehead.  Lately, I’ve taken to using some regular products to help combat all of these issues, so I’ll share them with you.  All the while giving props to the companies who make the products I love and doing some product testing!

So, for starters I don’t shower everyday. If I were to exercise for an hour or more everyday then I would, but I don’t.  I do sit around my house all day not working up much sweat taking care of my kids, but I do shower every other day! I do wash my face and pits everyday so I’m not some nasty lady. If you think that’s gross I don’t really care! Moving on… 🙂

Let’s get started.  Below is a list of my suggested steps to making sure you have healthy skin:

1 Get Rid of Yesterday’s Dirt : This should be done everyday, either in the shower or standing at your bathroom sink.  I use a hypoallergenic, dye free, scent free  bar soap just to get rid of the previous day’s make up and dirt.

HypoAllergenic Soap

HypoAllergenic Soap

2. Wipe Away the Smudges: For women, getting off that leftover mascara and eye liner is important!  The good  news, is you don’t have to spend $10 on those fancy make up removers.  Just head down your store’s baby aisle and snag a package of baby wipes!  They work the same, and cost WAY less!

Easy Peasy Baby Wipes

Easy Peasy Baby Wipes

3. Exfoliate: Nothing irritates me more than dead skin flying off my body but especially my face!  I have been an avid exfoliater for about a decade, and I simply cannot imagine a routine that didn’t include this process!  I’ve used many products in the bath from St. Ive’s scrubs to loofah (serious gross if you have one! please throw it out!), and even making my own (Some brown sugar, honey, and olive oil mixed in a bowl! I keep some in my bathroom at ALL times, and it’s great for more than just your face.  Dry itchy legs, back scrub, and more!) But my latest Vegan Cuts Beauty Box included this product Bamboo Tapioca Beads.  Not only does it smell absolutely delicious, but it’s not fiercely invigorating to the point where you’re uncomfortable.

Tapioca Beads for Exfoliating

Tapioca Beads for Exfoliating

You also don’t need to use a ton.  First, I focus on the uber dry spots: my forehead and nose.  Usually I can get away with a pea sized amount and still have a little left to do my chin right under my mouth! Scrub it on for about 15-20 seconds, rinse with warm water and pat your face dry.  Try to avoid wiping your face with a towel! It’ll make you feel like you never used anything in the first place!

Use sparingly!

Use sparingly!

4. Deep Cleaning: I know, you’re thinking “But I already washed my face”.  And you did a great job doing that!  But, not that you’ve scrubbed the dead skin off, you’ll want to do a good deep cleaning with a good facial cleanser.  Currently, I’m using Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser- now, I know it is a small bottle and it won’t last me that long, but I’m one of those ladies who ALWAYS has a back up, so I also have an Arbonne Gentle Cleanser that I can use when this is gone.


Fresh Rice Cleanser

Either product is gentle on your skin, has no harsh chemicals and leaves your face feeling wonderful.  Again, a little can go a long way, so use sparingly.  Then rinse with warm water, and PAT your face don’t wipe it with a towel!

Arbonne Cleanser

Arbonne Cleanser

5. Spa Yourself: There is nothing better than going to the spa and having some splatter mud all over your face while you sit with your head wrapped in a towel drinking mojitos…right?!  Honestly- I’ve never been to a spa for a facial, but I imagine that is what it’s like.  Luckily, some companies don’t force you to prance around in front of strangers in order to get that feeling, and they’ve put those mud masks and peels inside containers you can take home with you!  (Thank GOD for that!) I have use Que Bella masks before and love them.  You can snatch up one of these little packs for about $1.99 at your local Target and it gives you about 3-4 masks.  Way cheaper than the spa, isn’t it?  This one in particular is a Tea Tree and Witch Hazel- two fantastic ingredients for you!  Here’s the catcher with THIS product at the point in the game: because I’ve washed and scrubbed and washed again, my pores are WIIIIIDE open… and for the first 30 seconds or so, it stings a little bit!  But once it starts to dry, it’s totally alright! (Just throwing that little note out there in case someone reading this has a very low pain tolerance!) otherwise slap that sucker on and walk around the house forcing your husband to question why he married you, scare the hell out of your kids, and send your cats running for the closet! HA HA! (This happens every time I use it!)


I also have a less intense mask that I use that doesn’t scare my family, and it smells a lot better.  It’s (vegan of course) by Juice Beauty and I got it in a FabFitFun box a few months ago.  It goes on clear so you’re not frightening children and washes right off with warm water (as opposed to peeling like some do). Again- pat your face dry and don’t wipe!

DSCN01086. Hide Your Lines: I recently turned 31 years old, and don’t want ANYONE to know it.  So, I’ve started using an Anti Aging Serum around my eyes.  I want to hide those little crows feet as long as possible!  This you REALLY can use sparingly!  Just one teensie tiny pump on your ring finger, and rub it right under your eyes and around your crows feet. You can also use it in the spot right above your nose in between your eye brows!

Now, you’re probably wondering what kind of facial moisturizer I use.  Well- I don’t.  I used to EVERY day to stifle that dry skin that was on my forehead.  But, by using the above products on a daily basis, I don’t have the dry skin I used to, so I don’t use facial cremes.  That, and there’s so much “stuff” in them, and I’m too cheap to buy all natural expensive cremes, this process works wonders for me! Don’t get me wrong, if I see something all natural and vegan on sale or at a  good price, I grab it.  Otherwise I love my little process!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope this has been informative!  Below are links to some of the brands I use regularly.  Check out their sites and some of their products!  I look forward to reading some of your comments below!

Que Bella Beauty       Juice Beauty Organics       Kaia Naturals       Blisoma Skin Care       Passport 2 Beauty

Vegan Cuts                FabFitFun                 Arbonne

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Relaxing Vacation is Stressful to Plan


Planning a vacation can be a relaxing and even a fun event.  Where should we go?  What should we do? Where do we stay? How long do we stay? Do we ever come back? (Ok, so we all end up coming back) But what many people don’t need to do is plan where they eat! This is the part of of planning a vacation that is stressful for many food allergy parents (my daughter has peanut and tree nut allergies for those who weren’t aware) and vegan alike.  Vegans, I like to believe, have it a little easier.  There are a few smart phone apps that can tell you based on your location where a veg-friendly restaurant is.  (Happy Cow is GREAT!) Sadly, they haven’t made one for Food Allergies yes (would someone get on that please!)


So, planning a vacation for our family requires a few months work.  Obviously, start with where we’re going and what we’ll do.  After we’ve got a list of the place we wish to visit, we find a hotel in relatively close vicinity to the attractions (we like to be able to walk to our destinations!).  After that, we figure out food.  Why is food last?  Because no matter what we do or where we stay, if we don’t find somewhere to eat, we can still always bring our own food.  Not exactly ideal on a relaxing vacation, but we’re not going to starve, now are we? So, we visit Facebook groups related to our dietary restrictions – and trust me there are food allergy and vegan groups for all major cities out there.  I trust a persons review and recommendation over a website quote any day!

So our vacation we’re planning, I’ve managed to find  a few vegan/ veg friendly restaurants within a few miles of our “Fun Zone”, now comes the process of emailing or calling the restaurant and discussing both vegan options and peanut cross contamination!


Unfortunatly, many vegans rely on the protein from peanuts and nuts in their diet, so this can be a troublesome task.  Luckily, we’ve found a few spots to try, and again, if there is some doubt, we always have food for our daughter with us!  We’ve always got a loaf of bread and grape jelly on hand, along with some crackers and fruit!


If you are a new food allergy parent or a new vegan, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to research and talk to people.  Get on a local group and find out if someone has traveled to where you’re headed and if they can recommend!  Go on Google and search for reviews.  The internet is a magical thing that can make our life easy.  Would it be great if we could just up and go- sure it would.  But an easy life doesn’t teach us how to be stronger for what we need to be!  Since being a food allergy parent requires you to know a lot more than you ever thought you would (did you ever think you’d be able to diagnose hives vs. eczema before?), be strong not only for you  but you’re little one also, and be able to switch out some of your favorite foods?  Bet you didn’t- but we are all stronger for it!  You’re children rely on you everyday, but your FA one just a little extra- so know where to look and what to ask!

Question… post them below!

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