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Relaxing Vacation is Stressful to Plan


Planning a vacation can be a relaxing and even a fun event.  Where should we go?  What should we do? Where do we stay? How long do we stay? Do we ever come back? (Ok, so we all end up coming back) But what many people don’t need to do is plan where they eat! This is the part of of planning a vacation that is stressful for many food allergy parents (my daughter has peanut and tree nut allergies for those who weren’t aware) and vegan alike.  Vegans, I like to believe, have it a little easier.  There are a few smart phone apps that can tell you based on your location where a veg-friendly restaurant is.  (Happy Cow is GREAT!) Sadly, they haven’t made one for Food Allergies yes (would someone get on that please!)


So, planning a vacation for our family requires a few months work.  Obviously, start with where we’re going and what we’ll do.  After we’ve got a list of the place we wish to visit, we find a hotel in relatively close vicinity to the attractions (we like to be able to walk to our destinations!).  After that, we figure out food.  Why is food last?  Because no matter what we do or where we stay, if we don’t find somewhere to eat, we can still always bring our own food.  Not exactly ideal on a relaxing vacation, but we’re not going to starve, now are we? So, we visit Facebook groups related to our dietary restrictions – and trust me there are food allergy and vegan groups for all major cities out there.  I trust a persons review and recommendation over a website quote any day!

So our vacation we’re planning, I’ve managed to find  a few vegan/ veg friendly restaurants within a few miles of our “Fun Zone”, now comes the process of emailing or calling the restaurant and discussing both vegan options and peanut cross contamination!


Unfortunatly, many vegans rely on the protein from peanuts and nuts in their diet, so this can be a troublesome task.  Luckily, we’ve found a few spots to try, and again, if there is some doubt, we always have food for our daughter with us!  We’ve always got a loaf of bread and grape jelly on hand, along with some crackers and fruit!


If you are a new food allergy parent or a new vegan, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to research and talk to people.  Get on a local group and find out if someone has traveled to where you’re headed and if they can recommend!  Go on Google and search for reviews.  The internet is a magical thing that can make our life easy.  Would it be great if we could just up and go- sure it would.  But an easy life doesn’t teach us how to be stronger for what we need to be!  Since being a food allergy parent requires you to know a lot more than you ever thought you would (did you ever think you’d be able to diagnose hives vs. eczema before?), be strong not only for you  but you’re little one also, and be able to switch out some of your favorite foods?  Bet you didn’t- but we are all stronger for it!  You’re children rely on you everyday, but your FA one just a little extra- so know where to look and what to ask!

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