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Hi My Name is Janelle, and I’m an Addict…

on February 5, 2015


I’m pretty sure a number of times over the past few weeks, I looked like I just climbed out of a spaceship returned to Earth from the outer reaches of the Universe by the way I was walking.  I must say though I LOVE LEG DAY!  Seriously I have never had so much strength and control before in my ENTIRE life!  As a teenager, I was always super skinny from head to toe and never had any strength.  Then I popped out Baby # 2 and I had the weight, but no energy to develop the strength.  Now I’ve realized how ridiculous I’ve spent the last 31 years and am finally doing something for myself.  (Notice, I said FOR myself…and not WITH myself?!!!)

HA- who remember's Richard Simmons?!

HA- who remember’s Richard Simmons?!

Not only am I addicted to leg day, but arm day too.  So addicted, if it’s a “Lower” day I always do some arm exercises after, and vice verse.  Crazy- I know!  I never thought I would be THAT person… that actually ENJOYS exercising!  I always thought those crazy gym members had some weird mental problem (ahem hubs!) but I get it now.  Working out makes me feel GOOD!  About my health (I’ve lost so much weight thus far!), my family (every time I work out my kids join in, PLUS my husband has his own program now too…on top of his gym membership!), and my body.  I know that if I keep up on this for the next few months, I will actually be comfortable enough to purchase a swimsuit AND wear it!  I haven’t worn a swimsuit in 10 years, purchased one in almost 15!

But exercising and knowing that you’re eating food that’s good for you gives you a certain kind of self-confidence that i never knew was out there!  I am so comfortable with my progress so far that I have actually posted arm pictures!  (Then my mother showed them all over work…wth?!)  and my husband actually asked what “creepers” did he need to watch for!  Haha… but the fact is I’m comfortable enough to do that and I wasn’t before.  So go me! Lol

Arms in progress... Loving them!

Arms in progress… Loving them!

Live Healthy, and Be Happy… it’s as easy as that!

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