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Real Food is the Best Kind of Food!

on January 20, 2015

eat-clean I want you to go to your cupboard, open it up, grab your FAVORITE snack and read the ingredients.  How many are there? Are there some you can’t pronounce, or never heard of?  If so- chances are you don’t need it.  Chances are it isn’t “Clean”! Chances are, you could (and probably should) throw it away, never eat it again and feel FANTASTIC!  So do that- just chuck it in the trash!  Don’t worry about the price- you’ll probably make up for it in medications and doctors bills! We’ve all heard the term “Clean Eating”, but do we really know what it is?  I thought I did.  Pre-vegan, I always thought my meals were super healthy (with the occasional Oreo binge).  But chances are pretty high you’re not eating as clean as you think you are!  Take breakfast- what’s your go to?  Cereal?  Waffles with syrup?  Oatmeal even?  How about lunch?  Jelly sandwich and potato chips is a tasty go-to. Even a lunch meat sandwich.  Dinner should be easy, right?  Shake ‘n Bake chicken, some Rice a Roni or spaghetti with sauce? Wanna know a secret?  NONE of those meals are clean!  Scary, huh?  All of those are somewhat filling, they taste good, and should make up the balanced part of your diet! clean-eating-guidelines Clean eating focuses on a number of things, but over a 3 day period, you can clean it up more than you know!  Start, with water!  LOTS of water!  It’s recommended that you drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water EACH DAY!  Are you drinking what you should?  If you’re 140 lbs, you should be drinking 70 ounces over the course of your day  I suggest drinking an 8 ounce glass first thing in the morning.  If your a coffee drinker, chug that bad boy while your coffee is brewing, or your tea is steeping. I don’t generally keep track of how many ounces I drink, I just drink water all day from a very handy water bottle I picked up on sale for $3.99 at Wegmans. You can pick up a very basic water bottle at your local Dollar General/ Dollar Store.  Or you can go high end and pick up a $15 glass one at a department store- whatever your choice, grab something!  At LEAST 20 ounces… and drink 3 of those a day!  That should pretty much cover your requirements! Not much into that plain water taste?  Throw in some lemon, orange, lime or strawberry slices.  It’s not for me- but hey, whatever gets you to drink that water! fb-uhr-infographics-morningwater Next stop on the Clean Eating train is Sugar!  Oooooh- that mouth watering sweetness that makes everything taste better!  I’m  not going to say you have to cut it out completely, though it is suggested, I am guilty of a teaspoon of sugar in my morning coffee.  Some things you just have to have- but cut the rest!  You don’t need sugar on your cereal, or poured over that bowl of strawberries!  Just go without!  You’re body will thank you! And if you think sugar replacements are an easy fix- think again.  They are so much worse than regular sugar!  On top of that- they’re mostly chemicals your body doesn’t really need!  You’ll also want to make sure when grocery shopping that you’re not getting foods with added sugar- especially High Fructose Corn Syrup!  How I hate that stuff!  I recently saw a news clip that announced HFCS contains levels of mercury.  (See video Here ) Yup- that stuff in fish your doctors always warned you about, is in that fake sugar that’s packed into all those yummy foods we eat! Moving right along to processed foods… either give them to a neighbor or throw them out all together so you aren’t tempted to have a quick and easy go to meal.  My greatest example is chicken patties.   My husband and son LOVE these!  They’re easy, ready in 20 minutes (already precooked too) and you can do A LOT with them.  Salads, chicken sandwiches, stir fry, you name it!  Anything you can do with breaded chicken breast, you can do with a chicken patty!  But they’re processed!  When foods are processed, they are done so at high heat that takes away all the health benefits, vitamins and minerals that your body needs!  If you’re making chicken breast for dinner, make two- store one in the fridge for lunch later in the week.  Along the same lines, lets talk about dinner sides. Rice A Roni for instance- just don’t!  Throw it away.  Chances are it cost less than $1.49 and you can handle letting it go.  Aim for plain brown rice (not white…that stuff is bleached!).  Need flavor?  Create one of your own- crush up some herbs that are sitting in your pantry.  You would be AMAZED at the flavors you can create!  The other day, I melted butter with minced garlic, crushed rosemary and thyme, and a little bit of parsley.  Doesn’t sound like much- but the flavor was PERFECT for that meal!  And I didn’t have any leftovers to store either! Let’s talk bread- it’s a touchy subject.  There are “Anti Gluten” campaigns out there, “Carb-Free” diets that promise you’ll lose weight.  I have to say this:  Unless you suffer from Celiac or severe gluten intolerance, there is no reason to stay away from grains, carbohydrates, etc.  (Make sure you’re not getting the sugar laden bagels!) However, you do want to 1. Limit how much your eating and 2. Making sure they aren’t refined grains.  Refined grains are like processed food- there’s little to know health benefits in them.  Whole grains or Multi grain is what you should be eating. Grains The next part may be hard for some of you- it was definitely hard for me.  Instead of eating what people call “3 Square Meals a Day”, you want to eat 5-6 small meals, about 2-3 hours apart.  This way, you’re getting all the foods you need, but you’re not filling up at one time!  Trust me- it’s so much better doing it that way!  You might find it difficult to do with your job, but the only thing I ask is that you TRY!  Pre pack your meals in small tupperware containers.  Baggy up those snacks and hide in a closet to eat if you have to.  Do what you must to get those smaller meals in! Foods-Clean-Eating-Shopping-List Most of all- you want to make sure you’re getting MORE (yes, more than what you already eat) fruits and vegetables!  If you need to, double up on that broccoli and cut that chicken breast in half.  (Forget about the dinner roll… unless you made them from scratch!) We all know the deal- eat your fruits and vegetables.  But those are the 2 groups that are MOST CLEAN!  Get them from your produce department.  If this means you have to make a 2nd trip to the grocery store half way through your week, then do it!  Aim for fresh over frozen! clean4 I’m sharing this now so that you can prepare a number of things before the challenge starts next Monday (Lotus’ 3 Day Clean Eating Challenge Group that starts 1/26/15 for those of you interested).  First your shopping list- replace those processed foods for clean.  Second yourself.  You may read this and think “Seriously?  I can’t do that!”  Trust me when I say- you CAN!  Most of all you SHOULD!  Doubt is the reason we don’t accomplish our goals.  Please don’t doubt yourself, your abilities to control what you put in your body!  After 3 days of not eating the stuff you have been for years, if not decades, you’re body will thank you.  You should have more energy, joints and muscles should feel better, less headaches if you’ve suffered from them.  Getting rid of the garbage that dominates the food in our kitchen is key! 125-Whole-Foods1 Keep your head up, stay strong and determined!  Thanks for tuning in… look for more later this week, and I look forward to see and hearing about your results! Live Healthy, Be Happy!

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